Monday, 29 November 2010

Writing a novel IS a long, slow slog !

These comments were made by my writing mentor after I texted her whilst on a real downer on Saturday. I'd started writing a new scene , and although it took me ages to get going with it I was relatively pleased with the result. But later on I decided to pull all my scene/chapter files into one single file and the word count wasnt any where near as much as I'd imagined..alot but not enough yet. Worse ...the new file vapourised and search as I may I could not recover it! So I went to bed dejected and got up in a foul, irritable mood. But its passed now, thanks to a couple of long walks in the snow up here on the Suffolk coast. I just have to carry on writing. I cant see it being completed until early summer now at the earliest. But I'm talking it through with my mentor on Friday. Meantime have just enjoyed tea and a toasted teacake at the Brudenell Hotel.

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  1. I need to do a similar exercise -- totalling up my word count. I really don't know how many I have as I write in separate sections and I worry that I've even forgotten about some of them.

    I tend to write in blocks of about 4,000 words for some reason and I had about 7 of those plus a few other fragments around the time I finished at City. I think I've probably done about the same amount since then -- so that might be about 60,000 words if I'm lucky. Still a long way off.

    I've slogged away at doing another 2,500 over the weekend and finished it tonight.

    So my experience is also of the long, hard slogging variety.