Monday, 22 November 2010

Welcome follower did you find me? I checked your own blog and the moth thing rang very true as also had this problem last year and had house sprayed FIVE times over to exterminate the wool hungry beasties - we had to decant into a hotel the last time the smell and fumes were so bad. But - it worked - and - they are departed - pleased to report.
I hope you enjoy following my blog and that you will feel free to add your comments, whenever.

Have done a couple of hours writing - sandwiched in between work and yoga - three thousand new words since Saturday - and good words I think.Will be intersting to see how its all shaping together when I review evrything next week. Got the New Begining first chapter(an alternative to my original ) back from typing this morning and I am pleased with how it reads.Ditto the other scene I wrote with R thinking about"perfect relationships" alone in his flat on a Sunday night...

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  1. BG
    Thank you for your mention - only just saw this. Fellow City Grad... think must have landed on you via Michael Braga or Writer's Cafe... very new to this cyber world. Fun though! Enjoy your writing! TGW