Thursday, 11 November 2010

Follies was GREAT!

Hard to believe we we not watching a West End production. Apparantly the actors we doing it for free so as to get noticed by agents. Ye Old Rose and Crown was the pub were we saw this production is an intrguing place - a pub like no other. Linda from Forest writers has been going on about it for ages. They had racks of vintage(mostly womens) clothes up for sale and a DJ who looked just like a british jazz singer who died not that long back whos name escapes me (and H who Ive just asked)...he was large, over 60 and wore a famboyant suit with a white fedora. This DJ only spun old shellac 78@s. I rummaged and managed to find a tango record which he sold nme for £4.

Passed by the old Walthamstow EMD cinema(I wrote this into my last scene) which is in a sorry state indeed these days(it closed in 2003).