Saturday, 20 November 2010

Meditating helps get me on the right track and thinking time is as useful as actual writing time !

After yesterday and this morning's sits I saw a way forward from a bit of a block about where I am with the first draft, esp the begining of it.I've noticed this before and did read somewhere at some point that all writers should learn to meditate. Interesting to reflect that my creative writing took off at the same point I learned and began mediatating on a regualr basis - about 3 years ago.

Last night after a heavy work day(and week, though good)I went out to Carablanca milonga and had an aweful time. I was really up for it but once there everything seemed to tip against me and my mood turned and after a couple of unsatisfying dances with partners I felt no conection with whatsoever, I left early feeling flat and forlorn. I also had my novel on my mind , mulling over the conversation I'd had on Thursday when I meet the psychiatrist friend. Its been dawning on me since, that the beginning of my novel doesnt work well..its too dramatic...and I need to save the drama till the climax. Thinking time is as useful as actual writing time when I hit moments like this. I think I have it now...revised and mapped out and already re begun on paper with 3 hours writing new material this morning.
An e-moan to two local writer friends who've both been published - produced supportive emails by return overnight and this is immensely helpful in keeping going!

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