Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Novelists Club with VG

...I participated in the first of 3 folow up 1/2 days yesterday in the small but atmospheric function room of the Lamb pub on Lambs Conduit Street(just up the road from my dentist!!)...I recieved feedback from the other participants and gave my own on the work of two others...this continues to be a really helpful prcess in the maturation of my writing. To see what works and doesnt on the work of others and hear what and how they maybe stuck with something that can ring bells...also I got very encouraging feedback about - and especially abou the may choose this piece to read at our City course end of term event. Other students havent heard this piece yet but both tuors have and have also given it the thumbs up. Will trial it at the monday night class at the earliest opportunity.

After Novelists club - which finished at 4pm I tubed it over to Soho for a haircut...Neil - my master with the scissors told me NICK CLEGG had had his hair cut in their salon - just two chairs away from mine - the day of the final TV debate...oh, er...

It was peeing down so only made it two doors down into a cafe after I left Neil ...then it eased off a bit so walked to the cash point in Oxford street but then when I found that Oxford Circus station was all shut up took a cab to Morrgate for my tango lesson(which took ages 'cos of the saturday traffic and road works/closures around Tottenham Court road end) cost me £17.60!!!

After tango - my techers gave me a lift to Upper Street where I meet up with H to see the film Id boght tickets for "The dissaperance of Alice creed" last Wednesday evenning. We were ushered into the wrong screen and only realised it when the film came on - though I was a little suspicious as all the other audience seeemd to be about aged 20 and up for clubbing afetrwards - sure enough - they were waiting for a ful on dose of something banal - called Kick Ass - anyhow when we found where we were supposed to be ther werent any seats left...we evenuatlly were able to sit dowm and enjoyed the film - a new brit thriller - violent with a gay twist - which - even now in 2010 managed to raise a few sniggers of revulsion and tittlation when two men snogged and said they loved each other on screen! Afterwards - I complained about our misdirection to the wrong screening and got two complimentary vouchers for a futre was still rianing heavily when we left the Vue...but...after a short walk up upper street we managed to hail ablack cab which took us home...(coulnt face a deraggled, "change at seven sisters" last tube journey to Walthamstow - so the fare was worth it this time.

Its STILL RAINING this morning and just as heavily...this afternoon wH and I are going to the theatre to seee a play about Benjamin Britten.


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