Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Interesting class at City last night!

Our guest speaker for the class was a publishers agent. We were afforded quite a useful insight into - how it works - its obviously crucial to find the right agent for ones work and still perhaps even more crucial that lady luck is blowing in the right direction !

Off to Berlin today to stay in friend B's flat in Schoneberg. Back next Wednesday. Weather overcast again. Again the dilema of what to pack. I will take my tango shoes (just incase I am brave enough to go out to a milonga somewhere) and of course a pen and writing pad.


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  1. Schoneberg? Sounds good. I like Berlin -- the most interesting city in Western Europe in my mind -- apart from London!

    My character, Kim, lived in Berlin for a time. I think she went to university there. She lived in Kreuzberg. That was before she came to London.