Friday, 7 May 2010

my 4 minute reading

I spent most of last bank holiday monday afternoon reading, rereading and parring down the very first few pages of the draft of my novel for the 4 minute reading we will each -at City - be delivering up to an invited audience of publishing agents on 30th June. On Wednesday night in class I read it out out and recieved a universal thumbs up...even my usually fiercest critics liked thats that sorted. Didnt manage to fit in any new writing time over the rest of the week due to work - work and tango and stuff...and hadnt been sleeping very well (first period of this in months!) consequently permantently tired.

Came up to Aldeburgh on the train yesterday afternoon and critqued a fellow City Uni students latest piece for next Monday evennings workshopping with ALison(thats not a bad title for a novel, actually)and when we arrived got lovely Aldeburgh fish and chips and then went off to the pictures to see "I anm lOVE" the new Italian film with Tilda Swinton - which both H and I "loved"(sorry...)

H stayed up til 4 am this morning watching the election results. I went to bed with Brick Lane at 11pm(loved the opening of this novel)...this morning walked along the beach to Thorpness - a sunny but windswept day and then met a local friend Tom for luch in Aldeburgh.

Have to cook the cod we bought off the beach today - god, its already 6pm and we are going to the pictures again tonight to see "Ghost".at 7.30 so I need to get the oven gloves on...


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