Sunday, 9 May 2010

I feel SO sleepy

havent really slept vry well since the beginning of the week now and the dull lightless weather is not helping me stay awake. Went for dinner last night to a local hotel where we were served by a very nice young man. I made me think of oxytocin and penetration again!

When we got back home we watched the DVD of The English Patient - which I enjoyed for the umpteenth viewing...It made me think about my own "atempt" at a novel...I didnt go into a downer this time, by comparing myself inadequacies as a new writer with the very fine example of Mr Odantje's BUT did have cause as a result toreflect on my own plot.Some of the criticism Ive had so far on the openning incident being too much of a downer and also the proganists resultant depression - well...actually The E. P. begins with an aircraft being shot down and the pilot being horribly burned..then his nurses best firend being blown to I shouldnt tone it made me think about richness within plot, how important it is to have little subplots that temporarily side track the reader but which are interesting of themselves and interweave with the protagonists story....all food for thought. Hope to do a little new writing today - if I am able to stay awake for long enough!I also have 3 more fellow City students critiques to complete by tomorrow nights class back in London.

Have been on the Net looking up potential long stay accomodation options for my return trip to Buenos Aires at the end of this year for a prolongued tango exposure. H has said he'll come for 2 weeks initially - then I'm on my own. I think he wants to travel wider afield - maybe Bolivia. I will go to Uraguay as its only a hop from BA and...there's tango there too!


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