Sunday, 23 May 2010

Glowing after a sunny, warm weekend outdoors

In Aldeburgh. Came up by train on Friday afternoon and had fish and chips on the beach at the waters edge before it got dark, then went to the pictures to se Its A Wondeful Afterlife - which was a perfect andedote to the busy week in London - light and comic. My friend P has been staying with us. Have done some long walks. I cooked a chicken dinner yesterday. Tonight we are having fish bought off the beach boats. Cod. My request is for parsley sauce - home made I think - yum!

I said the week in London had been busy - apa, rt from much a do about my writing - tutes with Alison and Emily and producing a log line for my novel, H and I went flat viewing on Wednesday afternoon - saw 4 - really liked one - which is very close to Whitecross street market in the City. Offered on it on Friday - did the deal on the train up to Aldeburgh and got an offer 20k below the asking price accepted by the vendor. Only problem now is getting completion before the Governments emergency budget on 22nd June - if we cant make this deadline the vendor will pull out due to the new swindging CGT tax rate comming in. Fingers crossed.

Have spent alot time critiquing the 3 other readers for Mondays work shopping class and also re editing the piece I am reading too and sending this out. Had intended to write this evenning but after the long walk and planting up geraniums we bought at the garden centre on our way back, in the window boxes - I' knackered - so may not.

I have to finish the new chapter I started last weekend wabout Al and Rolands first date - I have to complete their having sex/making love for the first time as the second part of this chapter - so I need all my energy and concentration for that! I need to have it domn within the next couplef days as it has to be sent out to the Noelists Club for the next Saturday work shop comming up in a few weeks. Then there will be ariving on the 28th three new 2first 30 Pages" of 3 other Novelist club particiapants to critique. Its a good job H and I are off to Berlin on the 27th(Thursday) !


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