Monday, 31 May 2010

Are we living with imaginary friends?

Hallo from Berlin!
Mikes comment on my last post got me thinking - I really feel that my characters ae alive and I might almost call them up to met for a coffee. Is this dangerous? Its ok to have imaginary friends when you're a kid but at 52?

Well - Kim , Mike, would be prud of me , as on Saturday night I dragged poor H along to an atmosperic tango milonga in Kreuzberg. It was held on the second flor of a warhouse behing a carpark! I managed 8 tangos with two partners before H got to boiling point with boredom and we had to leave.

Went by train to Pottsdam yesterday - looked around the palace of Frederick the Greta - one of the clan apparently but not explicitly mentioned in the school boy german is remarkably commimg back and I am using it all the time to get thing and get around.

Writers block after the feedback from Wednesday Class at city - I need to re think the whole relationship revealation between A and R ...its not right so back to the drawing board. Have started the 2500 word essay assignment for this final term of the course...doubt if I'll have much opportunity to write much more for a while as have 3 x first 30 pages of new novels from The Novelist Club to read and critique for this Saturday in addition to evryhing else going on with the flat purchase.
Today we are visiting the Schwule museum...

I am sitting writing this in a lovely small cafe across the street from our flat in the Grunewald Strsse. - it sells antiques and plays music from the 40's. When we came in on Saturdsay I looked up to see this woman dressed out of that period siiting having a cofee. Apparatly there are a group o people who dress and live as if it is the 1930's and 40's nd they congragate around this cafe. The owner is now - as I write- setting up an old gramaphone - wind up with horn... oh god..I am tempted to buy it...

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  1. Yes. My characters are like real people in my head -- although I wonder whether that means they can actually be realistic or whether they're just variants of my own internal thinking.

    My method of writing recently has been very dialogue based. I get my characters together and they just talk to each other. They do seem like real people to me.

    What's most weird is when other people seem to take them away from you. I think you had it in the your last reading. People say 'oh no Almir wouldn't do/say that' in your case or 'Kim's being far too cool' in mine. And you think, who's invented these bloody characters in the first place -- they're mine.

    But it must be a good sign overall for people to think they know the characters just from what they've read on the page.