Monday, 3 May 2010

a mixed day of editing and making a curry

Spent the afternoon editing my prologue to make it suitabley "tight" for my 4 minute piece read...hope I'll be able to trial read it in class this Wednesday.I wonder how many people actually have looked at my bLog and how many who've looked follow it. Maybe if it were a porno blog I'd get more interest? Later made curry for dinner...

1 comment:

  1. Yes. 'Evolution of my porno flick' might get a million times more hits than all our blogging put together.

    I'm having a slight wobble with mine at the moment but I think once you've created the novel and sent it out into the world to try and attract interest then it will be the same -- or even a lot worse. Will it get an agent? Will anyone publish it? If it's published will it get any reviews? Good reviews? Will it get in bookshops and, if so, will anyone buy it?

    Enough to make the most well-adjusted person a complete nervous wreck perhaps?