Wednesday, 19 May 2010


The City Cert Course has and contiunues to be busy from now until the end of the final Semester-WITH 3-4 critiques to pre read/complete each week for Monday classes. Theres also the end of term assignment to write - an assessment piece on "the Novel Writing process"- and the blurb ...and...a logline. The log line is what I am struggling with. Had a go yesterday (drafting on the back of a bit of paper on the tube after reading and rereading my synopsis again)..have a tutorial with Emily Pedder tonight so hopefully will have something approximating the finished article soon. Need this for the publicity for our readings at The Art Workers Guild on the 30th June.

I had a really very helpful impromptu tutorial with Alison Burns on Monday before the class - its got me back on track with the plot and plot development points - I'd begun to waiver from the original plot idea because of other critque suggestions, but it didnt sit right - so what I now have is a modified version which tones down the nature of the inciting incident triggering Almirs initial bout of angst , cutting the Julie character as the main focus of chapter two (I agree this is an unecessary distraction) but introducing her in a revised version of my existing chapter three, which now becomes chapter two(, that makes sense to anyone reading this who doesnt have insider knowledge from my workshopping of these chapters!)..but I wont be giving anything away or the surprise wont be in the final complete reading.

Going to view some flats - investment/pied a terre potential - in the City this afternoon prior to my tango lesson at 3 pm and then on to City Uni for wednesadys class and my tutorial.

Been working on my OTHER LIFE Company new logo revision this morning, following a good solid couple of hours of yoga and meditation practice before breakfast.
The suns come out too and its feeling warmer today(AT LAST!)



  1. Very interesting guest tonight I thought -- but she seemed to regard agents very much as her gatekeepers.

    There must be agents out there for us all -- ones who'll love each of our novels individually -- maybe there should be some intenet matchmaking service to take all the stress out of finding one?

  2. Mike - thats a really amusing idea - and perhaps a good business proposition once youve completed you IT Msc !