Wednesday, 2 June 2010

was a good boy last night

I critiqued the first 30 pages and synopsis of a childrens nvel from a fellow writer particiapting in Vicky Gruts Novelists Club - two more to do before Saturday's workshop. I also looked again a- briefly at some of my old material on the Alison character I had originally down for Sweeping Up the Village and also character nortes on trudie - both are useful but as reference notes for new draftsonly. I also peeked at a short story I started last year when I completed the City Uni Short Story Writing course with Katy Darby(which was - if anyone out there is thinking of doing a course in short story writing - bloody excellent)... the story - entitld Obedient Niece - is about child abuse. I felt what I've written on it so far is good and I could soon work this up into something decent of around 2- 2.5k words. I will consider doing this as respite from all the critiques I now have lined up(4 more for the Cert in Novel Writing next Monday...

leaving Berlin for London soon. just have popped into the cafe across the street to check emails etc.

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