Thursday, 17 June 2010

The reading is comming!

about 10 days now til our City Course end of year reading at The Art Workers Guild and in last nights class we did another run through giving oneanother feedback on content and delivery. I declined from having myself videoed. A useful exercise - and - I have subsequently this morning- completed a few minor edits that make it stronger. Also completed a blurb. This week and weekend have to do the commentary essay - have started this already(whilst in Berlin)...but I know it'll take me most of the next few days. Then its focus on furthr editing and revision of Chapters 2-4,which have to be handed in by 5th July.

I have decided to buy time with a private mentor to help structure my completeion of a final first draft - which I'd dearly like to have done by December - before I go off to Argentina again.


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