Monday, 21 June 2010

Assignments and stuff

Finished my Book Blurb and worked on my Commentary assigment over the week-end and also re read and made minor alterations to my 4 minute reading. Its a real sunny summers morning today, in contrast to much of the weekend which was more like early March than June!

Nikki Cornwell - the children's writer who lives round the corner from me and with whom I have formed a writing"bond" - we critique each others work in progress -has just announced she has her had her second book accepted for publication! Well Done Nikki!

I have a tutorial tonight with Alison Burns, which I'm hoping will help me sort out a few things I'm still stuck on in my head. Ive send Alsion an scene I wrote before the course began - with Almir visiting Elyes in the inetrnet cafe...its mostly done in omniscient POV.


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