Tuesday, 15 June 2010

chilled after my windmill retreat on he north norfolk coast

Came straight into City Uni late yesterday afternoon armed with Sheringham bought fresh crab sandwiches, cuppa tea and a kit kat(mercifully I refrained from placing a knotted handki on my head and rolling up my trousers!) from my weekend buddhist mediation retreat. Had a coupl of hours before class and so sketched out my Blurb...think I have it now so can tick that off my to do list . I'm workshoping in class next week the Roland intro chapter...am quite nervous after what my peers feedback about the other recent chapter involving him although after a few days to let it settle I found the feedback helpful. I am going to make the necessary changes which I do agree will work better (make Roland drug averse, include more on his week at work, let him become more obseesed with Al AFTER they have had sex for the first time - not before, make Al more reticent to Rolands initial aprroach.This means I'll probably now scrap the material I have planned to use for they first date in the local gay pub - gven the afoementioned - I ont think they'd choose to meet up there - atleast initially...as both characters are intersted in keeping fit, I am toying with the idea of maybe Roland inviting All to practice hoop with him one saturday morning and it could develop form there? any COMMENTs for City peers would be appreciated.

need to shower now and get off to London Bridge for a work meeting.



  1. The common interest idea is good -- the keeping fit. It would help them get to know each other and you describe the physical attraction from the POV of the characters. I think that would work well.

    As I've just commented on the previous post, writing about the attraction of characters to one another is a bit like walking through a minefield.