Wednesday, 23 June 2010

It's going well but still no final decision on POV

My tutotrial with Alison Burns was helpful. All very positive feedback about the chapter set in the internet cafe - ticks galor! So v. encouraging...we talked through a few other things, again POV - as this scene is written in omniscient...Alison suggested I might want to keep it as its "so good", though there are a couple of places where a pov shift to Almir would work slightly better - we concluded that I should just maybe carry on with what works until the completion of a first draft.

The specific question I asked about whether I should show Almir having counselling for Post (war) traumatic stress syndrome - in the chapter I showed in the tutorial(not one the class/my peers have seen or will now)and whether the scene where I havie him log onto the internet to look up P.T.S.using his real(kosovon) name nad nick name)which he has as a password. Alison thought they worked effectively.And the idea of revealing Almir's real original name(his first nameonly) so early onis not a problem. The reader who's but the other charcters Almir meets do not know...Roland only finds out at the end and the reader only discovers the reason behind the name change right towards the end.

My new idea for the way in which to end - Alison thought too was interesting and plausible. Iobviously am not going to give it away here.

I approached Emma Sweeney - Emily Pedders replacemnet tutor at City now she's on maternity leave - regarding becomming her mentee after the Cert. course ends to help me complet a first draft of this novel by Christmas. She has agreed and we now have one meeting a month booked from July until(and inc) am excited about that(if also a little nervous).

Last night in class - handed in my Commentary, which actually took me ages! and the book blurb. We did a dress rehersal run of our readings for next week at the Art Workers Guild.
Off the Aldeburgh around late lunchtime today until Monday. H has hired a car - its a year since we've had one . I may atempt a drive once we get up there. I need to take all my critues from chapetrs 2-4, inc tutorial feed back, with me and start to edit these chapters. This is the final piece of assigment work I will nedd to do for the Certificate course. They have to be handed in on 5th July! I have a Company Aawy Day next Saturday and a Tango party at Sadlers Wells Saturday night - so have to get moving on it this wekend. We have guets saturday, staying over on Sunday too. I also have some work - work to get done - draft a new revised recruitment ad before the end of tomorrow!


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