Thursday, 3 June 2010

Lovely Day!

It really was such a beauty today - I even got Santander Bank to transact my money transfers, unbelievably!(Well - it was my fourth visit inside a week)...came home and critiqued a fellow student 's from the Novelist club first 30 pages and synopsis - took me all afternoon ! But having to make myself look at other people's work so closely I am finding tremendously helpful when I come back to complete a rewrite of my own material. One more to do tomorrow for Saturdays Novelist's club meeting and then 4 critiques to do for City cousre workshop on Monday night - no time for my own stuff til after that! Then need to move on with the end of term essay which I have begun in draft longhand - that shouldnt be too hard to do - it will also give me an excuse to review my blog - I havent really looked back on my entries since I began. I also have to do a 100 word jacket blurb for my novel and tidy up chapters 2, 3 and four - so I'll have to "section off" some blocks of time to get it all completed by the end of the month.

I also want to rework "My Angel Face" short story that I wrote last year and recently had feed back on from Vicky Grut/The Literary consultancy - it was really complimentary but I need to rework a couple of bits - but its worth I think looking at this piece again - I need a new title - a german one perhaps - something reflecting the Berlin setting. I also am gagging to get going on another short story I sketched out and began last year - Obiedient Niece - so - maybe when Ive completed all this course work I'll take a pause from the novel and work on these two smaller projects for a while.

Some kind, thoughtful soul let their mut shit turds in a neat little line all along our front fence - just as you step out on the street. Our house keeper E cleared it away with a bucket of water and bleach. Low and behold - after working on the critique in the back garden I went out to post a couple of letters and someone else had let their "best friend" - DO THE SAME THING!!!! I had to chuck a second bucket to wash it away - have a nice day - all you dog lovers out there!!!


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