Friday, 25 June 2010

need to go to bed!

Just finished an email to my new mentor - E - with chapter/plot outline, current synopsis and thoughts I had on the plot, the flash backs and the ending after a couple of hours thinking about them this morning before we went over to Orford for lunch at the Oysterlry, followed by a 5 mile walk and a stop off on the home leg in to car at Iken Church - a favorite spot. We bought organic stawberrys and plum jam paid for with coins into an honesty box. This evening went to the pictures and saw Lebenon - powerful war film - though I think we all got the message by 5 minutes in that war isnt, actually, a very good idea! Then strolled the prom in the late evening light. Few people about. Lovely sky!Delicious full moon. Then came back and did some writing from 9.30pm until 11.30pm

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