Monday, 28 February 2011

Reading with my own novel rewrite in mind

Just finished reading Black Moor - and interesting novel and a good read - by Edward Hogan.It has some lovely prose in very many places, an original plot idea and I found it a complete page turner. I did not like what I saw as the intrusion of an omniscient narrator which seemed to cut in alot towards the end of the story. It took me away from the former excellent close observation and the characters therefore also.If anything I wanted to feel even closer to the boy Vincent by the end of the book.This is why I am planning to use first person POV for my protaganist at the climax of my novel. Perhaps Mr Hogan intended his omniscience for effect, a kind of overview summing up of the way things have turned out for all of his characters - especially Vincent- at the conclusion of the story but for me it didnt work well. Perhaps he is using the POV shift as signal to the story's ending.Also some of the dialogue - especialy between the boy Vincent and his 'girlfriend' Leila didnt feel authentic. So - in summary -a good novel but also pointers to note for when I begin the rewrite of my own.

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