Thursday, 24 February 2011

Its not like constructing a 'dot -to-dot'

I had a really positive tutorial yesterday with Emma , my writing mentor and the feedback on the new material I was feeling so jittery about was excellent on the whole - it seems I have pulled it off in the scenes Ive written where I am showing a different side to my protagonists personality. I have made him more active and also moved the relationship between him and his lover up a notch- now they see each other as "a couple". We talked about the doing process - how you have to write to uncover things and that you can't just always predetermine in a novel. Its not like contructing a 'dot-to-dot'! I had a wonderful 'uncovering' during the last piece I wrote, basically about a plot thread. Previously I had a plot thread but it seemed too obvious and I didnt feel it was somehow right, though I had no idea about how it really ought to be. Then, when I was writing the last piece the new thread idea just emerged - it was like hatching, as I wrote I simply had the realisation of the new plot thread and I just knew it work brilliantly. When I put it to my mentor she agreed. So - some very good work done over the last couple of weeks.

I have decided to hold off from begining the re write until I return to London and after my next tutorial on 30th March. Until then I will continue to just write, explore the story and see what turns up.

I desperately need a haircut and have spotted a place but I dont know what I'll end up looking like. Atleast , finally, I managed to locate a place which is not a unisex.


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  1. Good to hear Emma is providing a great inspiration -- how many words do you think the finished novel will be?

    Interesting you mention unisex at the end of your post. I was reading in a magazine that there is no equivalent translation for the phrase 'opposite sex' in French -- the implication being they are more fluid about gender roles and the idea of opposites is something alien to their culture.

    I'm wondering about working this sort of questioning into my novel at the moment.