Friday, 11 February 2011

Last night MUCH better my second milonga class and I really enjoyed it. Another student commented on the different "style" he'd been shown in another class earlier that day- and so its clear that the Porteneos are just out to confuse!
Been reading Blackmoor by Edmund Hogan - on Emma's recommendation - mostly for the close observation and sense of place(similar approach to to own novel) - It shifts POV a fair bit and also uses omniscience and second person POV ...but this does work here I think -and its a good(if perhaps not great) yarn. Before this I read James Baldwins Giovannis Room - much more literary in style and very period(Paris early 1960's) - apart from the 'intrusion' of French dialogue which was mostly beyond me - I think this is - indeed- a classic short novel, which I very much enjoyed. The characters and their psyche's are especially well developed. Again useful for my novel. Have not written at all since last week end - by intention. May start up again over the weekend. I want to let things brew.

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