Saturday, 19 February 2011

Just completed a new chapter

The dictation when I read it was 40 minutes so I guess its a longish chapter. It was hard work.Seven hours of writing over two days. I dont know if it does what I want - if Emma gets in in time for Wednesdays tutorial I'll get feedback. The chapter comprises of three scenes in diferent locations and what I hope I'm showing is a realisation in one character that actually he is in love with the other character and sees the two of them as "a couple" for the first time( its been sex, then an affair up 'til now). The scene takes place on the weekend prior to the Queens Golden Jubilee weekend in the summer of 2002 in Wathamstow. Its the weekend before the principal character's(in whose POV this chapter is shown- well - close thrid person) 36th birthday. He's thinking back to memories of the 1977 Silver Jubilee(WHEN HE WAS 10) at one point,prompted by recent memories of a photgraph in an album cleared by him and his sister from their recently deceased mothers house.

Did an hour of yoga immediately after this and have just finished a delicious home cooked lunch of pan fried trout, rice and ratatue. Resting now before tango later.H away traveling to Bolivia and Chile since Wednesday. No skype contact and already I am missing him dreadfully.

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