Thursday, 3 March 2011

Have started the re write of Chapter two

because it just feels thats what I need to do. I keep comming back to the opening section(the first 4-6 chapters of the story) in my mind because I know I have to get this right, with the chronological sequence of character introductions and the (new)inciting incident(which will link directly with the climactic scene in the novel).

Yesterday I spend a few hours close reading a piece of research entitled : Understanding the ocupational deprivation of refugees; A case study from Kosovo - by Gail Elizabeth Whiteford from The Cnadian Journal of Occupational Therapy. I have had this article for some months now. Its really useful for my protagonist characterisation- to set his recent past up in my own head so that when I now begin the story again on the page I can hopefuly make it come alive more - with this 'inside 'knowledge. We'll see. I also read again some photocopied articles from the City and various other writing courses Ive done - about Showing and Telling and how to achieve immediacy in writing fiction. Also an article from the Guardian by Tobias Hill about the process of writing itself and his personal experience of it - which amused me but rang true. I then close-read again my new chapter one to set my self up for todays writing task (of the rewriting of chapter two). After two hours I now have 300 words of the first scene of the new chapter two! Not bad.I am ok with this, it always takes me ages when I 'm beginning a new piece - I have to get the openning right before I can allow myself to go on. Time for lunch now, well deserved!;siesta then tango practice. I plan to return to writing more this evenning after dinner.

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