Sunday, 20 March 2011

The moon

Last night after going to the cinema and sitting thorugh 2 hours plus of American Hollywood crap ( Last 3 Days) we decided to walk all the way from the centre of town(Lavalle) back home to Recoleta. When we got to the cemetery we stopped to look at the beautiful moon through a Hubble Space telescope some astronamer had set up on the pavement. It was asounding looking at the moon in all its pitted crater glory - the detail of it you could see was amazing. This morning we went for a long walk through the eco park as far as the river Plata...also amazing with the skyscapers of Puerto Madero zooming up above all the bullrushes and vegetation....and the first time in 3 months I can say I have managed to escape this city's constant traffic din.Am going to edit the Chapter three re write later(after a milonga lesson at 5).

Bren Gosling

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  1. Good moon here -- and amazingly we had clear nights to observe it. I took a couple of photos and might put them on the blog, if they're any good.