Thursday, 24 March 2011

Arrived back in London

at 7.15 am today after a long flight. How absolutely beautiful it all looks. Our street in Walthamstow village and our garden is bursting with spring plants. It all seems so fresh compared with Buenos Aires. Three months there was great - did loads of writing aswell as tango practicebut am glad to be back in England for spring. H has- incredibly- gone for a job interview today. I cooked us lunch after a walk around the village and going through my mound of post - then went to bed for 1 1/2 hours.If I am up to it I'd like to try to get the rewrite of chapter four done so that Emma will see it with the other stuff Ive sent her before we meet for my next tutorial at The Welcome Centre in Euston next Wednesday. "More Tales of the City" has arrived from Love Film - yippee! I am now going to sit and watch it with a cuppa and a bit of victoria sponge cake left for us in the fridge by Heather, our yoga teacher, who house sat while we were away.
Bren Gosling
Bren Gosling

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