Saturday, 19 March 2011

Have finished the rewrite of Chapter Three

Worked for four hours on it last night . Together with about another four to five hours over the past few days it was hard going. I re wrote from scratch, basing it on the original draft but completely re writing most of it. The scene now opens with a dream sequence which I think works well. I have shifted the POV entirely to my protagonist which was challenging as I had to somehow describe the setting which I'd previously shown through the other characters POV. A very useful if arduous excersize though and I hope its a stronger chapter for all of the work done.

After much procrastination have now booked to go on the Writers Progress 'TAILOR MADE' retreat at Circle of Misse in France in a months time. The writer in residence is Emma Sweeney my mentor, so I am hoping the week will prove helpful and productive at this key stage of the rewriting. The food and setting look good !

After two weeks away our landlord came back at 8am this morning getting us out of bed. It will seem strange having him around the apartment again. Milonga lessons today and tomorrow and tango and tango VALS workshops and a milonga on Monday and Tuesday as part of the Queer Tango Marathon. Back home to London on Wednesday(overnight) arriving Thursday and I'm looking forward to going home now.

Bren Gosling

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