Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Yesterday was a writing day

...and was the main focus. I got so immersed that I ran late for tango class and so missed it - I was tired though and will be going later this week(3 x)...I HAVE FINISHED ANOTHER NEW CHAPTER-h u r r a y ! Its funny what new writing throws up isn't it. I found myself suddenly needing to know about mobile phone handsets that were popular in 2002 - what sort would Julie have - and googled but that wasnt too helpful. I will need to re check the details later once Ive completed a first draft but for now have settled on a Mortorola flip "V" and made it silver and purple - any help from any one out there would be welcomed.

In atempting to dwell more on moments of high drama I wanted to write about the shape and feel of one of those caramelised biscuits you get given with your latte - I dont eat them but H must have collected some 'cos I found two in the kitchen..so...sat there at the dining table (where I always write when at home)examining it as my character might examine it as he thinks deeply about the impact of something he's just said to another character.

Yesrdays progress was good because last week got only a very little done dur to work - work. I did finish reading Maggie O' Farells book "After You'd Gone" which was an amazing read...some beautiful writing and great close observation - what I didnt take to was all the flitting POV's - I know this is a device the author probably designed to reflect the protagonists situation - she's in a comma...but I found it jolted my attention. I also didnt like the ending which was a real downer and she semmed to repeat favorite phrases - like red mouth - quite alot. But its a really good read and I'd recommend it if your looking for something new. I've started If Nobody speaks of remarkable things by Jon Mcgregor - its unlike anything else Ive read - one big prose poem really. Hard going(but this type of overly stylised writing I always have difficulty engaging in for the long haul) The prose IS beautiful again though.

NEWS! I have another follower ...Sue...Please do introduce yourself!!


  1. Like the biscuit idea -- why not use it as a metaphor for that point in the relationship? Snappy? Crumbling? Solid?

    DOn't know about Motarolas but I started a job in 2001 and had the same phone for 3 or 4 years between 2001 and 2005 or so. It's a Nokia 6310i -- not very sexy as a phone but there were a lot of them around. http://www.nokia6310i.co.uk/


  2. thanks Mike! The metaphor is an intersting idea but Ive tried to make it a less obvious one...when its all finished and if you want to read it then I hope all will become clear

  3. I'll be very interested to read about Almir and Roland's progress.

    I think maybe all these metaphors can only probably be properly organised once the first draft is done and can be interspersed into the novel as a whole?