Sunday, 17 October 2010

Did more in the week

another scene with Almir in the village on the Beat AFTER he has met Roland ...but its not quite finished how I want it...but have left it where it is for now and tonight began another scene with Almir again in the Village but much further along in the story - well thats what came.only managed 300 words in 1 1/2 hours but its a start. I almost didnt write anything as I was tired afetr being out all day. We came up to Aldeburgh on the train yesterday evenning and today walked to Snape, had lunch then went to a recital at the Maltings as part of a Britten Weenkend. Got a lift back with friends who live here permamnently and then went for Fish and chips and ate them on the beach as it got dark. Came home and wrote - like I said for 1 1/2 hours thn watched a DVD - rather mindless Sliding Doors -with Kate Blanchette.

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