Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Waiting for washing machines and yoga teachers !

A new scene done - three hours and 600 words completed yesterday afternoon at the Old Street flat whilst I waited for the arival of a new washing machine. I am at the point in the story where Almir goes back to Rolands flat for a second time...and it all heats up..I can't decide if they will have sex at this hunch is they will...hope to get moving on this waiting for arrival of our yoga teacher Frani...she's normally here by 7.30am and its a quarter to.She's normally prompt so not sure if there's a problem.

Is this a new trend creative process is spurred on by waiting for the arrival of washing machines and yoga teachers!!!?


  1. Maybe you could fit the washing machine in to Almir and Roland's story?

    I'm just writing a scene that starts off looking as if it will end in full-on passion but ends up in a drunken shambles.