Saturday, 30 October 2010

Got thinking late last night...

...about how "swimming ly" my writing is going at the moment( and got my Graduate Certificate in Novel Writing along with a nice letter for the course leader in yesterdays post)and it got me thinking. I need another layer going on in the story...I HAVE to really apreciate how A's past lives with him on a daily basis in the present and how this presents in his manner of thinking and personal behaviours...I have the obvoius ones - but need to personalise these more and show the reader how this filetrs through as A tries to build new relationships with the other characters esp R. I've contacted some one I met earlier this year on Vicky Gruts Novelists club course - who is a psychiatrist - to see if she'll discuss A as a case history. That should help. going to my kitchen table to try to move into the first sex scene btw A and R.( OMG!)

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