Sunday, 31 October 2010

Have just finished the section I've been working on

Decided more is less where the sex scene is concerned. All off for typing now. Will edit my other new material in prep for Fri's tutorial with Emma this afternoon and the new chapter tommorow when it comes back then email it all to Emma tommorow night. Tube strike again Tuesday to Wed so will not be able to get into town to my tango class!
Off to cook lunch now then will get stuck into the edits. Tonight H and I are out at friends in Finchley for dinner.


  1. More is less or less is more? Why not write as much as possible and edit it down?

    I wondered out loud on my blog whether it's a good exercise in itself to write about your characters' sexual behaviour in detail -- just so you know them better.

    Just written my two main characters' first bedroom encounter -- in a hotel penthouse overlooking St. Paul's. Actually only one of them makes it into the bedroom.

  2. yes - thats one way but I think I have my characters so in I my head now I already know what their proclivities are but I think your suggestion is a useful one Mike. I spent all yesterday evenning editing my latest material - almost 10k words - before I sent it to Emma for my next tue on Friday.

    I have arranged for a psychiatrist friend who is also a writer to take Almir's case history and then report to me how he might present clinically - to add another authenticated layer to his behaviours. I am looking forward to that.