Thursday, 2 September 2010

In Vienna

all sachertorted and schnitzeled out already(and lovin iT - sic)...went to the fabulous Leopold gallery and saw some great art by one of my favorite painters Schiele. Later went to the Burg Kino and watched a real reel version of the film The Third Man...tomorrow we are doing a location tour.

This afternoon edited the last bit of new material for Emma/ my tutorial next week, and emailed it to her with a few ideas I have..another ending came to me yesterday, which H thinks is v good. There is still tons more to do but soon I think I'll have finished the climax section and can go back to the point where the characters converge in the village. Then I will re draft the beiginning. God knows when I'll finish but lets just see how it goes. Best I think to carry on writing within the structure I have given myself and review where I am in a month or tos time.

Have had a couple more v good reviews of my circalit competiton enntry and have moved up to number ten in the never know.


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