Saturday, 4 September 2010

I like Vienna !

Beacuse its easy and civilised and I can write here. Took a day off yesterday. In the evenning after the Third Man Tour (it was intriguing to hear how Graham Greene came here to research and write the script basing it on an amalgum of real characters/events) went again to the Burg Kino and saw the new docu movie narrated by Jonny Depp about The Doors - great stuff! I might use some of Jim Morrison's words as one line quotes in my novel...will see...if it fits...

This morning after breakfast I resummed writing. Since Ive been thinking about a new ending lately it felt right to get going on that, its not especially set in stone but want to get it down as it is in my head at the moment to see what Emma thinks. Worked solidly for three hours from 11am until 2pm and got about half way with what I need to get down as a first draft. Going well.


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