Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Had a very good 2 hour tutorial yesterday with my mentor Emma Sweeney in Cambridge...really extremely helpful in moving things along, development and bringing it all together now. Have clarified about adding a couple more new scenes with her - also have now almost completely writen theclimax scenes . But I wont know the ending(though I have a few ideas) until I finish the rest. Before my next turorial in a month I wil return to the beginning of Almir and Rolands affair - as I wil know them much better and start wting that all over again - its all about REWRITING darlings!

Went into town last night and saw two great new films Undertow - which I went to see with H - and then Gainsburg - which I went to on my own as H cycled home whilst it was still light. At the later I counted only 9 inc myself in the audience. I got a free ticket with credit on my Odeon card so sat there smuggly enjoying a great film in the middle of the west end on a Monday night feling quite exclusive!

Having checked my work emails and done this its already almost 9am - so - have missed my chance for early morning yoga!

Its raining like the tropics outside. Have booked a singing "assessement" with a local singing teacher at noon today - so that should be a laugh - best put your earplugs in if you happen to be in the vicinity.

Have booked flights for H and me to Buenos Aires for my 3 month sojoun to tango and write there jan to March...any British Airway - just let me tell you - you are damned expensive and I expect some edible food on the flights this time and an entertainment system that actually works!

The troublesome foxes in our back garden ARE NOT GONE! inspite of a visit which we had to pay for from a Fox "expert2 WHO SAID THEY 'D PROBABLY LEFT NOW. oVER THIS PAST COUPLE OF NIGHTS - they have kindly brought onto our lawn and patio aone dead rat, an asortment of refuse inc fast food chicken , one rubber toy chicken(full sized) ans a n assortment of platic bags containing dog dit and other unmentionables!
Bring in urban foxe hunting I say - I will lead the way - they have got completely out of control. I wish them now harm but all this mess they bring so close to our house is a hygiene concern that no one at the Council really gives a toss about. It a case of "THE LONDON COUNCIL'S burying their collective heads in the sand and sitting on the fence not wanting to offend anyone.


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