Sunday, 15 August 2010

Going Luney at Tango Milonga La Lune

I went to this milonga in the Glass room of the Holiday Inn in Camden Town tonight. It was a soul destroying experience. Full on lighting, packed with"couples" - completely straight and an aweful- cheesy amateur show which I was forced to sit through as My seat was literally bordering the floor and I couldnt leave . I asked one poor victimn for a dance and made a cock up of it - kicked her a couple of times, bumped into another couple and she couldnt really follow my lead...we managed to remain civil but after the four obligatory tangos I made my rapid escape. The milonga had all the ambience of a corporate event where everyone has eaten alot of hard boild eggs. It was so unfriendly. What a complete contrast from Hackney Tango the other night which could not have been more genuinely Bohemiane tango - and I loved it, though there were few there. I will NEVER go to La Lune again.Not even if you paid me

Managed another 750 words /2 1/2 hours of new writing today.


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