Wednesday, 18 August 2010

On seeing it typed up...

...I got my latest 5k of new writing back from the online Company I use to do this task for me. I always start new writing by long hand - nothing like holding a pen over a blank sheet of paper! I am hopeless at typing and I found on my notebok if I type for too long I get wrist pain anyway. So I dictate all my new stuff onto an audiofile and upload it to the Company's site and get it back typed within 24hours. I can also hear the new stuff read aloud when I replay the audio file - which is also a very useful way of seeing what works and what doesnt. There is nothing quite like seeing new material you've created typed up on the page in hard copy. Of course there are usually glaring typos , layout issues and thing that dont work or need reworking BUT it gives a little boost to the process of moving the story along.

Plan to do more from tomorrow and over the weekend so I can wrap up this section of the novel which I have been working on and send new material to Emma(my mentor) before I leave for Verona next Wednesday. I will of course take my note book, paper and pens to write whilst I am travelling too. Its become a habit of mine now to select a hotel /pension room because of its suitability to write in - ie desk or table and chair and quiet.

Last night after my regular Tuesday Tango class went with a new friend from the class - Barbara - to a small milonga until 11pm at The Langley Court Hotel(basement bar). It was really nice , very friendly and informal. A great way to relax after the tuesday class...will go again next week!


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