Friday, 13 August 2010

Hey world - a new social networking channel !

...I have decided to categorise my blog as "whitter" because it seems to have a very select following - namely myself, Mike Clark from City and soemone called Crafty Creative who I think used to belong to Forest writers and then moved to Milton Keynes - well there you go.

Had a fab tango lesson yesterday afternoon - though was half asleep. The lady who was waiting for the slot after mine remarked"Is that choroeographed?" to which my teacher replied - no, Nick made it up - Nicks spontaeneous creation - so after all this effort and money spent of classes and private lessons ,its paying off and I atleast Look like the real thing when I am dancing tango now. It must be the magic of the Dalston Boys club!

Meet H in Mayfair later and we went to see Coco and Igor - but almost feel asleep it was so tediously slow - if there 's a new category in the Ocars next year for Best Adagio French Language film - this ought to win hands down. After that we went for food nearby- sat down at an outside table at a Lebanse restaurant next to an American couple - the woman was half - no - full cut - really pissed...and wasnt going to leave us alone, so we asked for another table but the restaurant was fully booked - so we left. We ended up at an Iranian restaurant which was very nice.

This weekend I have to make myself clear up my home office and chuck out all the discarded papers and email print outs. Curently it looks like a junk room and it has to change! I wont continue any new writing til its done - its the only way to make myself tidy it all up.


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