Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The shadow of the black dog has returned

I think I said on this blog sometime ago that writing fiction is like bi polar disorder - one minute you think youve created a master piece then the next its total crap. I got my revised frist chapters back from City course at the beginning of this week. Lots of encouraging coments (and some helpful editing) but when I re read them it doesnt feel they are right still! I think Ive moved on with the whole story since I wrote them. I wanted to read something out at my local writers group last night and chose to take chapter 2 - Julie visits Almir for the first time. Reading this now it seems far too labored - as one critiquer said to me earlier this year - its as if I am trying too hard. I suppose being so emotionally involved with the project is a good sign but on days when I feel like this its a struggle to keep going - But thats exactly what I must do.

Finished reading Jill Dawsons' The Great Lover about Rupert bROOKE WHICH eMMA MY MENTOR RECOMMENDED FOr its strong narrative voice of Nell - the maid he has a thing with - enjoyed it, though I didnt feel Ruperts' voice was convincing compared to Nells-it sounded "made up", though the structure of the narrative, weaving the POV of these two characters was an interesting device.I also thought some of the period detail was rather laboured.It did made for a good read however.

I wonder how the others on the course are faring? I know a couple have signed contracts with agents already. I am still no where near ready to show my work(will I ever be?)...

G - at last nights writers group read a short story and I do miss writing in that genre as I know I do it well. Writing a novel continues to present much more of a challenge!

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