Friday, 4 December 2009

My response to Charlottes comments on my synposis

I'm blushing. Seriously, Charlotte so many thanks for taking the time to read my synopsis so carefully and give me this very constructive nad enormously positive feedback. I have yours printed out and ready to read(after I've done more on my essay for Alison!) have the sentiment of what I want to write and had hoped my synopsis conveys - exactly. These themes are contemporary and will touch all our lives at some point,if they havent done so already.

As you are my fav. person of the moment( cos you also came to Decongested and lent your support last Friday too)..I am going to share a secret with you that no one else has yet leaned of( it' s about the plot of my Novel - dont panic!)...Trudies'murderer - the reader will discover at the end of the book - is the disaffected teen dad of the baby so shockingly killed at Almir's feet in the opening.( Oh, and I've decided to call the baby's mum "Kimberely" - but you wont get to hear much about her, shes just part of the back story)

and...yesterday I phoned my local Council and introduced myself as a writer, requesting a visit to the street sweepers depot! I''ll let you know how this goes. I feel so really fired up about this story, its becomming something that almost wants to tell itself. The characters seem increasing very real to me and I actually care about them. The trick I guess is to write it so well that the reader cares with the same passion as I do.


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