Saturday, 19 December 2009

Been preoccupied...

..with work matters the past couple of days so no writing. Today going up to The Lookout - our Aldeburgh "seat" for Christmas , so hoping to write up the research notes I did for Almir at the Walthamstow street sweeping depot earlier this week AND maybe sort the telephone interview with my GP whose an Albanian Kosovan - whilst we are up there. Have sketched out a new idea for my first chapter - Julie on the train comming home from shopping, reflects on being an outsider(from coupledom )and not really - deep down - enjoying being on her own again at 54 but trying (perhaps too hard) to make the best of it. She notices a vacant teenage girl on the train and wants to impart upon the girl the wisdom of her own years - so that this girl with a pink mobile phone glued to her ear - doesnt waste her life; so that she seizes the promise and opportunity of youth that ,only after it has passed, only does one begin to realise what a transient gift youth is. Julie also turns in her reflections towards this young man she is about to meet later that afternoon - in Walthamstow - through the Befriending Scheme. She only has a few details about him - that he is from Kosovo, he's 24 and off work with depression after witnessing that terribleaccident last month in Hoe Street when that baby was killed; that he's been in London for about a year and knows hardly a soul.And that his name is Almir Hadjic.

If anyone is out there ..what do you think ??????????????????????????????????????????

I'm also taking up to The LookOut Amistead Maupin's Micheal Tolliver Lives -which I bought the other day as soon as I spotted it in the book shop - to read and the old Dickens compilation (I've started reading A Christmas Carol to get me into the feastive mood!)...well, I know also there'll be work to sort out as things have got really busy - as usual just before I go away on extended trips! - BUT given the recession, thats all good I suppose.

The B.A. strike is now off - for the time being - so we will be flying out to Argentina with them on 28th..hooray!


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