Friday, 11 December 2009

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I asked the cab driver this afternoon "what if a woman was crossing the road "(like that, woman now" - as we drove by one) and a car were to hit her?. Can you imagine the baby being flung out of the buggy? He answered - resoundingly, yes - of course - thats its bound to happen ---so I think , even though I have fictional licience I defend my case for the dramatic opener Mike.ANd actually I dragged up a 20 year old memory from when I worked for an inner London Borough as an OT and someone in our office witnessed exactly this kind of accident - except it had a very dark humorous side - because the kid was wearing a batman outfit and my colleague reported seeing him "fly through the air"..

Julie IS an important character, though not major - I wrote something this week on her - just a scene -with her on a train, comming back to Walthamstow from a shopping trip in town with a new designer outfit from Harvey Nics - reflecting on being single again at 54 and inspite of all outward appearences, enjoying her newfound freedom", nagging away inside her is a recurring rumination that she's just "making the best of a bad situation" this way Julie introduces the theme of being outside( couple dom!) and wanting to be loved/give love. On the train she moves to reflecting on who this person Almir - who she's going to meet later that afternoon -is. All she knows about him is his name...he's from Kosovo and his age and that he's been here for a year and knows no one really; thats he's off work because he witnessed that terrible incident a month previuos where the baby was killed in the High st. In this way I plan to also introduce the notion that Almir has an unknown past and this is confirmed when she meets him.Also the unforseen disruption randon, tradgic events can wreek on peoples (often very contructed) lives - which are built often prinarily about doing and status v.v. emotional bonds with each other.

So, Julie is my vehicle for introducing the main themes of the novel in the first chapter - then we go to chpter 2, which will be the baby killed in the street incident.... you see...??

have also organised to visit and observe a Pentecostal CHURCH SERVICE TO absorb some cultural/religious background for Roland Mc Kenzies. Next week I am going to contact my GP who is Kosovo Albanian - I have made a list of questions I want to know : What were your first impressions of Walthastow on arrival here(smells, people, cultural differences etc - what did you miss most about Kosovo - eg food, friendliness of the people, climate, t.v shows

also some questions about attitude to gays and more specific things re Kosovo to fill in the gaps I have from my internet research already completed.

I have downloaded personal testimonials from Gay men who have fled Kosovo because of discrimination and homophobic harrassment... Also about the Kosovo War and some witness accounts of accrocities and ethnic persecution ...

phew - BUT ---dA da da da DAhhh...., I'm Lovin' It!


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