Sunday, 31 July 2011

reply to Mike's last comment

Hi Mike - sorry not to have replied sooner but I have been (still am until tomorrow) in Berlin at the QUEER TANGO FESTIVAL. In answer to your question - no - since I am so immersed in each part of the rewrite(and am actually enjoying it). That time will come no doubt in a few weeks time though - but I am not thinking or worrying about it until I have finished and done as good a job as I can. Deadlines are useful. I understand where you are comming from. I think it's necessary at some point to frame it all and aim for a deadline( and then usually another and maybe even another - but atleast that way the project doesn't remain open ended. Besides , for me personally, I 've other stuff I want to write that's currently on the back burner until this novel is finished.
Bren Gosling

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  1. Yes. In some ways I really wish I could be done with this novel because it occupies my mind far too much -- so much so that I start to think that it would be a big waste of time if it wasn't to be published -- which is then a vicious circle because I then want to work on it more and more to ensure it will be good enough.

    I've also realised it's got a lot of parallel tracks in it that I'm not sure work together -- an arty intellectual strand and an almost sex-comedy element. Mind you -- if there's anywhere that those two things go together it's Berlin -- and that's where one of my characters went to university.