Sunday, 31 July 2011

Berlin, immer Berlin but have kept on writing !

Have been here since last Tuesday enjoying the Queer Tango Festival. Inspite of 3 and 4am milonga finishes Ive managed to maintain my daily writing routine - and enjoyed it...perched on my stool infront of my tiny desk in the Motel One (Mitte) bedroom. I've completely edited almost 6k words of one important section ...incorporating all the critique feedback from first draft readings.Today I sacrificed a trip to the Reichstag to get it finished and off to Emma my writing mentor in prep for our next tutorial on Friday.So, am well pleased as I log off(at an early - for Berlin ) 5 minutes to one a.m.
Bren Gosling

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  1. I had a great tour round the Reichstag about 6 years ago when we had a work conference in Berlin. We went to have a meal in the restaurant that perches somewhere on the roof.

    I then had a strange experience when my manager started to get very maudlin about the recent history of Germany when we were at the Brandenburg Gate. I may yet use this in my novel.

    It's a great city.