Sunday, 24 July 2011

Another writing orientated weekend

H left for his 10 day buddhist retreat on Friday afternoon so Ive had no distractions and have knuckled down well, averaging 4 -5 hours daily. Today I completed a 'from scratch' re write of a scene that wasn't working but now I think is.It'll need an edit once I have it returned from typing though. I have put last Thursdays research to good use! I went to visit a friend who is in Chelsea and Westminster hospital...and on the way home went to the BFI and saw Last Year in Marienbad - which was weird yet wonderful. I found it oddly rather inspirational with regard to my writing.I can't quite explain why.
Bren Gosling

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  1. Good to hear you're making good progress.

    As you get nearer the end are you starting to get more nervous about how it will be received by its intended audience?

    I say this because I'm starting to wonder whether I'm continuing to write on a fairly leisurely basis, rather than set myself a hard deadline, might be because I'm actually a bit nervous of what the world might make of the novel.

    I've been considering what I'd feel like doing that. I've started to get the doubts that say 'it's not going to be ready' or 'maybe shelve that one and start on another'.