Sunday, 26 June 2011

Editing going well now !

Have now edited the first ten chapters of Sweeping up the Village( currently there are 39 chapters in total) so thats about 25% done - all of the openning section - and I'm pleased with how it reads so far. Spent best part of 9 hours on it over this weekend...but had a haircut in town and then dinner locally with H and two friends last night, and today after more editing all morning from 9.30 am until 1.30pm I went to Tango on the Thames - and tangoed well for a couple of hours on HMS President before meeting H at the NFT to see Cutters Way- which I found dated and slow( I nearly dozed off more than once)...
Tomorrow I am being shot for a mens clothing magazine . I cant quite believe it...I was spotted by a scout at Hackney milonga a few weeks ago and was contacted by him again last week to say would I do a photo shoot on Monday at a hotel in South Ken. so better get some shut eye now! My life is becomming like a work of fiction!
Bren Gosling


  1. Interesting you have 39 chapters. I produced a breakdown of mine for our workshop with Emily on Saturday and found I had 46. I was told this was way too many (admittedly it could be because I'd written a lot for many of these 46).

    It was quite a useful exercise but not terribly constructive in the end because people seemed to be telling me that the plot structure I'd been working with had way too much packed into it.

    Seems like I could separate it out into three different books: lad-lit office satire; social comedy about opening a pub; odd-couple romance. I'd like to find a way of combining them in less than 120,000 words.

    Are you happy with the structure of yours?

  2. Hi Mike - yes - pretty much.
    Bren Gosling