Sunday, 19 June 2011

A week of editing in Aldeburgh

came back on the train on Friday night. Managed to fit in a couple of festival things and some walks too. Was roped into attending a dance class by my neighbour, which turned out to be an aerobics dance worksout. I felt naked without leggings! I left early.
Editing not going so fast as I thought it might. Some chapters dont need much tampering with but others- like the last one Ive been doing- need a whole rewrite. Ive introduced a different subplot thread. Even though the word count had actually drooped on this chapter, I hope it 's better. Emma, my mentor liked the idea.
Am cooking dinner for 7 friends tonight - thought a turkey would work - so will try to write once I've got the said bird in the oven!
Bren Gosling

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