Sunday, 25 July 2010

why do people behave the way they do?

Met up with dear friends C and M last night at the Modern Pantry in Clrekenwell..had dinner outside - such a warm evenning then went for about an hour to The Crypt Tango club.Many people from the Tuesday class there - they same ones v cliquey and standoffish - how can such cold fish claim to understand the passion of tango! A few people I know said no one from the Tuesday class had approached her for a dance all night - which is mean indeed. I thought the club itself was friendly - I'd definately return on my own - in the brief time we were there I danced with a complete stranger who chatted too. For the first time saw two men dancing together in London club...nice!

Having prob with my bloody left ankle now...since the class at the Edward the last Thursday week. Had a week off and saw osteopath yestrday and it seemed better but then walking last night even before tango it seemd v tight and uncomfortable..oh dear..

C and M and H and I reflected on what we have all personally been thro over these past years - health wise and - my god - it really does beggar belief. We are a tough bunch indeed.

Did 2 hours of new writing yesterday morning and will continue today.


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