Friday, 16 July 2010

Nothing like a cuppa tea loosen tongues and generate ideas. Yesterday the childrens writer Nicki Cornwell came round for our planned exchange of ideas session. Over a cuppa we chatted about one anothers writing - Nicki described to me her path to becomming a published childrens novelist and what works for her in terms of a writing routine. I talked with her about my plot and characters and she gave me a few excellent tips/sugestions on both.She's asked me to critique the middle section of her most recent draft of her new novel in progress(it has a teen gay protagonist) - which I will do over the w/e in Aldeburgh . This is a great set up for me - to have such an experienced writer just living around the corner - to exchange work and ideas with!

On monday I have my first mentoring session in Cambridge with Emma Sweeney.

Last night tried out a same gender tango class at the Eddie in Islington - great teacher - really nice atmosphere in the small upstairs room above the main bar, though the floor was dippy and I have slightly strained my left ankle from over doing it with the ocho's!


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