Friday, 2 July 2010

filling in from wherE I left off...

... wednesday night reading to invited audience of industry professionals went well, although the wait for an approach,( it took about 20 minutes after the end of the readings and start of the drinks and "mingling" to get the first of two on the night from two agents who wanted to see my novel) was nerve nerve racking!Since then I've had a further two approaches from other agents by email. After some deep thinking I have told all that I would like to wait until I have a decent complete draft to show and they are all happy with that.
Meantime have been editing and re drafting Chapters Two and Four for the final City Course assignment submission on Monday. Still got a fair bit to do on Chapter Two but have completed the reworking of Chapter Four now, so still Chapter three and finishing off Chapter Two to do over the weekend. All the other chapters Ive completed plus the chapter notes for those I have yet to complete are ready after that to get stuck into over the summer and Autumn. I will have the structured support of my Mentor Emma Sweeney to help move it forward.


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  1. I think waiting until you've got a finished draft is a sensible course of action. I can't see a lot of benefit for the writer in being signed up to an agent without a finished book -- there's far more reward for the agent in that case as it means the finished novel doesn't get the opportunity to be sent out widely so that agent is in a big position of power.

    Also, I guess if an agent mentors you through the novel and then you decide to leave for another agent then your reputation as an emerging writer is not going to be enhanced.